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We know that every day life is busy, full of family and friends, work and play. Life whizzes by too fast. You must wear shoes that you enjoy and that keep up with you.

We stock brands that we adore and that prove themselves to us season after season.

At Adavera Footwear we are all about great looking, comfy shoes that you want to wear. Shoes that you can put on and relax. Shoes you can put on and play. Shoes that make your heart zing every time you slip them on. Shoes that you can rely on that are simply gorgeous.


Adavera Footwear is independently owned and operated in Paddington Brisbane by Rachel McGovern and her partner, Marc Buckingham.

It first opened in August 2007, and was established by the amazing Devitt family.  John and his daughters Kirsten and Melanie created a truly special store.  From Adavera Footwear’s beginning, it has offered a beautiful range of European footwear, with service and fitting knowledge developed over 5 decades of footwear experience.

For those curious about the name “Adavera”, it is named for the Matriarch’s of the Devitt family, Ada and Vera.  it is therefore pronounced ‘Ada-vera’.

I (Rachel) was a customer, I adored Kirsten and loved the store. I began working full-time at Adavera in January 2010.  With 15 years background in customer service, fashion and shoe retail, I found my home at Adavera. I was so lucky to be mentored by John and his daughters and over the next four years I fell further in love with the small business.

Because Kirsten is all kinds of awesome, while home with her young son, she created the fabulous jewellery brand Each To Own. It is now available in countless Australian and international boutiques. Kirsten’s jewellery business success, presented me with a dream possibility.

In March of 2014, myself and my partner Marc became the owners of Adavera Footwear.

After twelve years with Adavera Footwear, it is our home away from home.  Supported by loyal and amazing customers from both near and far, we adore catering to three generations of families. Looking to the future, we are determined to continue providing excellent service and a range of well made, comfortable and stylish shoes.

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